Scheduling an Appointment in a Free Abortion Clinic
Confirmation of your pregnancy is what you need to do first before you go to the free abortion clinic. If possible, take the PT before making any major decision.As soon as you confirm the news and you already made up your mind, you can now contact a free abortion clinic in your area.
On the first appointment, you have to provide information concerning with your medical history. Then you will meet you private nurse. Through it, you can still keep the privacy. She is the one responsible evaluating your form and tell everything about the procedure involved in the abortion.Then, she will provide you advices you have to follow the procedure.You must talk to her freely and tell her about your concerns.This nurse will assist you on anything, address and answer the concerns that you have as well as provide you the information on 
the various methods of contraceptives. If you still have doubts about your decision, you can also ask for help on other people.During the procedure, it is mandated that someone will accompany you so you can go home through your car.

The risks

Before you decide to go on a free abortion clinic, you must first consider the potential risk it can cause. Both of the chemical and surgical abortion can result into higher rate of risks. When it comes on the surgical abortions, there’s a possibility that ectopic abortion would happen most especially, for those women decided to abort.This only means that future pregnancy may be too life threatening for you. One of the common threat also is the pelvic inflammatory disease. According to some of 
the researches, 5% of the aborted women are experiencing pelvic inflammatory disease.This may lead them into infertility or fever.Likewise, breast cancer can be also acquired here.Studies already prove that those women who aborted, half of their population suffers from breast cancer.
It is also known that chemical abortion causes some side effects. These risk involves diarrhoea, headache, uterine cramping, severe abdominal pain and many more.But most of the time women would see those small bodies of their unborn child as well as developing body parts of the child. Emotional and psychological trauma cam be obtained here. That is why is they are not still ready, it is not recommended to take these pill.

You can have both of counselling and guidance at free abortion clinic. If you want to know more about it, then you can go to this website They are willing to share their knowledge about this matter.