Facts About Birth Control Mirena


Mirena become now popular because it helps women not to conceive in 5 years. However, there are also certain side effects that women must be aware of. Mirena, if you don’t know about it, is a kind of reversible birth control pertaining to IUD or intrauterine device. IUD, a small device which is flexible, is being planted right inside in the uterus of the woman. Mirena birth control utilizes levonorgesterel- a certain birth control hormone. This will release small amount of hormone slowly into the uterus of the woman in a span of time. Because it is emitting hormones, this will also emit hormones on your body in small amount unlike on the contraceptive pills you normally take.
FDA or Food and Drug Administration approved it during 2000. One of these hormonal IUD is already approved to be used around United States.During 2009, the agency expanded the approval of the Mirena in treating heavy bleeding during menstruation though IUD. It controls pregnancy approximately 99% in 5years time but then the implant itself needs replacement. This is advisable for a woman out there who already had a child.

Based on the reports, it is now more popular since about 150 million users have been shifting on this method. It is much safer and convenient and would give you less stress juts like the pills. Most of the time, oral contraceptive pills relies on how you are going to use it. This mean that it is necessary if you will take it in everyday.This is the reason why it fails with 30%, because they haven’t taken that perfect way, compared to Mirena having only 1%. It is effective in avoiding pregnancy. But chances are, women may suffer from serious or severe side effects such as uterus perforation, pelvic inflammation or worst ectopic pregnancy. Also, the device may also be moved and insert on the other parts of the body such as abdomen. This will require you to undergo a major surgery to remove that.
It is better of you will ask the assistance of your health practitioner when it is now the right time for the removal. The arms of the device is bendable, health practitioner can bend it easily. Consulting your medical practitioner is a good idea. If you want to know more information concerning birth control Mirena, then why not visit www.fpawomenshealth.com? They will educate you everything.